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When Death Becomes Life
by Joshua Mezrich

Notes from a transplant surgeon is an excellent book that investigates the history of transplantation. The author describes the development of surgical techniques for each transplanted system. He shares his journey and experience becoming a top transplant surgeon. Numerous stories about the patients and donors show the impact that transplant techniques have. Informative, insightful and well written.

by Jess Kidd

Listened to the audiobook, which was amazing. Murder mystery with a touch of supernatural elements. The characters were well developed and the story was interesting. There was even some humor thrown in. Highly recommend!

Secondhand Time
by Svetlana Alexievich

Nonfiction interviews with people who lived through the fall of the Soviet Union. I never realized how much chaos there was in the aftermath. Gives you some perspective on why Putin has been so successful.

Girls with bright futures
by Tracy Dobmeier

Timely fiction touching on the college admissions scandal. A look into how the privileged live and the lengths they go to. I really hope it’s not as bad as the book makes it out to be.

The Beauty In Breaking
by Michele Harper

I had hoped to like this book more but found it a bit redundant. That said, I think her experiences with patients showed her to be a caring, competent, sympathetic doctor with high expectations of her chosen career. When her life and occupation didn't totally go the way she thought, she worked on healing herself. The recounting of her ER experiences and her job opportunities shed light on the problems with the systems currently in place. Although they seem to be working, the view from the inside, at least in her case, shows that improvements still can be made.

Healing Power Of Essential Oils
by Eric Zielinski

Wanted to learn about the benefits of essential oils. This book was helpful and gave me an understanding of what oils are good for and the benefits of hundreds!

Chasing Secrets
by Gennifer Choldenko

This book had an interesting topic and relevant to this time during the pandemic. I found the story hard to follow at times as I wasn't sure what the plot was until close to the end. A good read to understand a bit more about that historical period, the changes happening in San Francisco, and the prejudice that existed towards the Chinese community.

Murder In Old Bombay
by Nev March

An Anglo-Indian soldier is recuperating in the hospital when he reads about two women falling from a clock tower. It was ruled a suicide but the widower of one of them insisted it was not. Inspired by Sherlock Holmes the soldier vows to find the truth while he will also be distracted from his terrible memories of war. Great descriptions of p;aces he visits and disguises he uses to get to the truth and catch the murderer.

Best Served Cold
by Joe Abercrombie

Book 4 of the first law series. A stand-alone with a female protagonist. A few characters from the first set make appearances and I think it is important to have the knowledge of the originals to understand some of the characters and setting. More explicit and suggestive than the First Law Trilogy.

Stay With Me
by Ayobami Adebayo

Set in Nigeria it's the story of a woman who fails to become pregnant after 4 years of marriage. He in-laws pressure her husband to take a second wife. Meanwhile he convinces his brother to seduce and impregnate his wife - 3 times! Disaster befalls them as 2 of the 3 children die The wife prepares herself for the death of the third and deserts the family. On'ly years later does she learn the girl lived and they are reunited.
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