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Aaron Slater Illustrator
by Andrea Beaty

I liked the book. I liked when he drew a flower that can do anything.

The Perfect Marriage
by Jeneva Rose

Didn't see that coming!

Chu's Day
by Neil Gaiman

i loved the book but there was some really hard words to say

The Book With No Pictures
by B.J. Novak

I loved this book it was really intertaning i really recomend it i your eel silly or need to let out some giggles

Arthur Lost and Found
by Marc Brown

My favorite part of the book is when Arthur makes it home from being lost.

Arthur's April Fool
by Marc Brown

My favorite part is when Arthur scares Binky Barnes of the stage.

Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren
by Barbara Park

I really liked when Junie B. Jones was looking for her friend Lucille because they couldn't find her at recess. When they found her, she was being chased by a boy. At first they thought she was being chased for no reason, but Lucille and the boy were actually playing tag.

Dusty Flies High
by Susan Amerikaner

Dusty is too scared to fly high. He slams into an ice block. Then he goes into a tunnel. He almost smashes into a train.

Thomas and the Piglets
by The Reverend W Awdry

Thomas stops at all of the things that he has to do. He forgets he can't hold the hay bales. Then he quickly drops the stuff off at the farm and then he goes to the next farmhouse and gets the hay bales. It's just in time because the piglets are born.

Thomas And The Shark
by The Reverend W Awdry

Thomas can't see what is in the big crate. He asks James what is in the big crate. James says it's a shark. The crate goes faster and faster down a hill and Thomas catches it with his flour. Salty asks Thomas if he wants to bring the shark to the museum and he says yes.
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