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Poverty, By America
by Matthew Desmond

In this non-fiction book, Matthew Desmond examines the factors that explain why the US has so much more poverty compared to other wealthy nations. It takes a look at the social programs we have and points out how these policies actually undercut the workers, how they end up forcing the poor to pay more and in the end benefit those who are already well-off. It asks necessary questions such as: Why haven’t we made progress? How do we rely on welfare? And more importantly, how do we invest in ending poverty and empower the poor? It is a well-researched study of how poverty affects all of us - that “poverty is not just a lack of money but rather a dehumanizing state of being that affects every aspect of a person’s life”. It then offers solution for progress such as: rebalancing the nation’s safety net and putting an end to worker exploitation; opposing racism and segregation; raising the minimum wage, etc. Desmond argues that if we are ourselves already prosperous and secure — and we wish the same for our neighbors, then we have to be poverty abolitionists.

The Winter Killer (di James Walker Series, Book 3)
by Alex Pine

This is 2nd book in a 4 book series I’ve read. Charming setting, a small town in UK with relatable cast of characters. A murder of a maid of honor happens at a wedding. Det. James Walker and his staff are on the case. A perfect winter read!

by Daisy Goodwin

Diva is a novel about the life, career-and loves of Maria Callas. Daisy Goodwin does a good job of writing a biography in novel form. It made me appreciate Callas even more than I had before.

The Talented Mr. Ripley
by Patricia Highsmith

Absolutely loved the characters in this book. Love the nostalgia of the Italian summer the author portrays in the first few chapters from the minute we meet Dickie. I am super eager to find out what the next part of Tom Ripley's story is and already have the next two books in the series ready to read! I already want to re-read this one!!

Murder On The Orient Express
by Agatha Christie

This one has been on my list for so long, super happy I finally got around to reading it! Characters were very unique, loved the format of this book and I was very much in for a surprise with that ending! I enjoyed questioning who did it the whole time and although the evidence is laid out for us throughout the whole novel, there are still many thoughts the main character does not reveal until the end. intrigued to watch the movie and see how it compares! Loved this one.

Before The Coffee Gets Cold
by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

Although I did enjoy this one, I do feel it was overhyped a bit. The writing style was more in line of a screen play, written in a very matter of fact way. This could be because of the translation. The storyline was not what I was expecting at all but I did enjoy this read and might take a look at the rest of the series.

The Book Of Lost Names
by Kristin Harmel

Another gripping novel set in France during WW2. I loved this story as well.

The Nightingale
by Kristin Hannah

What an epic story about two sisters surviving during WW2! There were so many layers to this story and once you start reading you are fully invested in this story.

The Perfect Family
by Robyn Harding

This “perfect” family has its secrets. Someone is targeting them and each wonders if their secrets are the cause of the harassment and danger they are experiencing. Easy and fast paced read. Highly recommend this author!

The Perfect Family
by Robyn Harding

Outward appearances can be deceiving. This “perfect” family has its secrets. They find themselves being targets
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