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Still Life
by Val Mcdermid

DCI Pirie is investigating two cases, one a skeletonized body found in a camper van and the other a new body, a man whose civil servant brother disappeared 10 years before. There's an artist who faked his death and some stolen works of art. Long but good.

Pretending to Dance
by Diane Chamberlain

A coming of age story of Molly, her father with MS and open adoption. Good.

Follow this Thread
by Henry Eliot

This book discusses the history of mazes and labyrinths - from their origin and the myths that include them (particularly that of Minos and Daedalus) to classic movies that employ them in the plot (The Shining). There is a red thread that goes through the book from the first page all the way to the last and the reader has to twist and turn the book while reading to follow the story. Very interesting and creatively presented!

How Not To Die
by Michael Greger

Great book on nutrition

On Writing Stephen King
by Stephen King

I had no idea that Stephen King had a sense of humor. This book has been around for awhile and is referenced often. It was so helpful and informative and has inspired/motivated me to do more writing as well.

Mounting Fears
by Stuart Woods

A good read about inside presidential politics.

Super Fuel
by Dr. Mercola

Helpful information on cooking oils.

Lessons In Chemistry A Novel
by Bonnie Garmus

Although I was disappointed with the ending, the characters were endearing and the setting was enlightening.

Five Tuesdays In Winter Lily King
by King, Lily

Well written, thoughtful short stores

The Scent Keeper
by Erica Bauermeister

Emmeline.s father brings her to a deserted island as a young child. They absorb the scents of nature as they forage for their food. After her father dies she is taken in by a kindly, elderly couple but she runs away to the city to look for her boyfriend. Instead she finds her mother who is involved in creating scents but this time for marketing purposes not to capture memories. An unusual but interesting book.
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