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Book Reviews
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Fox At Night
by Corey Taylor Book

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Best part was at the end they thought there was no monsters but a tiny monster came along.

The Calculating Stars
by Mary Robinette Kowal

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This book is an absolute masterpiece. It puts real science in a fictional historical context while also creating a story full of rich and dynamic characters. Mary Robinette is also just a really kind and wonderful author.

Go To Bed
by Joy Cowley

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I liked it!

Absolutely Nat
by Maria Scrivan

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I loved this book because a lot of fun things happened in the book.

The Going To Bed Book Sandra Boynton
by Sandra Boynton Board Books

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It was help me sleep well

What Sisters Do Best
by Laura Numeroff

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I love the book because it makes me laugh!

The Last Resort Marissa Stapley
by Marissa Stapley

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Simple story about friends and relationships.

Rogue Squadron
by Michael Stackpole

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Part 1 of 4/5/7/10 (depends who you ask). Excellent bridge between RotJ and Heir to the Empire. Sets up the entire series and introduces characters that will remain highly important throughout many other books.

P is for Potty!
by Naomi Kleinberg

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It is where Elmo is babysitting his little cousins and his cousin Albie says he doesn't have to wear diapers anymore. Elmo says, "Hooray!" They both have a snack and Elmo has to use the bathroom, so he shows his little cousin how to use the toilet. They go play in the sand, and the cousin has an accident because he forgets to use the potty. Elmo's mother gets him new clothes, and the cousin tells Elmo's mother that Elmo told him how to use the potty. When the cousins' mom comes, Elmo's mom forgets to give her the baby's pacifier... it is in her pocket.

The Secret Of Shadow Ranch Nancy Drew
by Carolyn Keene

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I read these books to my daughter… it’s one of my favorite things to do with her!